UNLV Men’s Basketball Trains At UFC Performance Institute

The Rebels went through different strength-and-conditioning circuits as well as grappling and striking practice, which took them away from the monotony of preseason preparation.

“I think this is a great experience for us,” junior guard Amauri Hardy said. “(It) allows us not only to get away from our facility, but allows us to be a family together, amongst each other (and) do something that we’re not really usually used to doing, and I think this is something great for us. Learning different skills, using different parts of our bodies and being able to do something like this, day in, day out, it’s just a nice facility. It’s something great for us.”

Switching things up not only helps the team psychologically, but it also helps the body acclimate to moving in ways it usually doesn’t, according to Griffin. While his main focus is making sure the athletes don’t get hurt, the team benefits from stretching themselves in ways are not normal for a basketball player.


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