Rodriguez, Stephens Excited For High Level War

“I think Jeremy Stephens represents a big risk for my career because he comes to look and strike,” he said. “He lost to pretty tough guys, pretty good guys. Now, I think he comes with that thing inside him that he wants to win no matter what, and I think I can use that as an advantage because he’s going to be trying to finish me.”

Stephens, who regularly wears the Mexican flag across his shoulders when he walks to the Octagon, knows the measures he needs to take in order to set himself up for success. 

“You have to be ready,” Stephens said. “You have to come out here and embrace the culture, embrace the journey and adjust to the altitude. I can’t wait to be amongst the fans and come off a huge win, a good knockout and come from a Mexican-style fight. I can’t wait. These are my people.”


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